GE’s FlashPad* wireless X-ray detector is designed for digital use and provides the reliability, flexibility, and advanced imaging capabilities that busy radiology departments demand. FlashPad helps you:

  • Do more with the equipment you have. FlashPad enables you to image patients faster than CR.
  • Protect your investment with the assurance that FlashPad enables advanced applications on premium fixed GE radiography systems (advanced apps available on Discovery XR656).
  • Count on fast, reliable data transfer with Ultra-Wideband connectivity.


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FlashPad offers advantages including:

Design that matches the rigors of an X-ray environment and the way you work

  • Square shape allows for maneuvering in any direction—behind and beside your patient—for ease of positioning and patient comfort.
  • Two handles offer a secure grip to help prevent droppage and ease user fatigue.
  • Single-panel, non-tiled construction helps eliminate blind zones.
  • Fluid resistance, patented cushioning system, and carbon graphite materials help ensure durability, minimizing breakage and replacement needs.
  • Large active imaging area means 8 percent additional coverage over 14x17 inch designs.
  • Durable design can accommodate up to 352 lbs of distributed weight.

Shareability and versatility that maximize your investment

  • Easy shareability means FlashPad can be used across compatible GE radiography systems.
  • Built-in advanced application capabilities help ensure that your growing radiology needs can be met down the road. FlashPad comes equipped to deliver VolumeRAD*, Dual Energy Subtraction and Auto Image Paste advanced applications (available on Discovery XR656).

Seamless connectivity for fast, reliable, and secure data transfer

  • Short-range, Ultra-Wideband technology coexists with your hospital’s information network so that real-time data is transmitted where and when you need it.
  • Connectivity protocol complies to FCC wireless standards.
  • Dedicated channel is equipped to handle large file sizes.

Clinical Images


FlashPad uses UWB connectivity

Hear from customers about the advantages of going digital

X-ray Goes Wireless - See how easy it is to handle FlashPad in this clip from the showroom floor at RSNA 2010.

FlashPad is durable

FlashPad enables advanced applications

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