Discovery* XR656 is an advanced, digital radiography x-ray system designed to help your radiology department achieve maximum clinical versatility and productivity.

At the heart of this system is FlashPad*, our next-generation wireless digital detector. The Discovery XR656 is designed to address your challenging imaging situations, while also addressing your unique workflow needs through a variety of configurations.

You’ll benefit from:

  • Advanced clinical tools to help enhance diagnostic capabilities and confidence.
  • Control over your workflow through multiple system configurations.
  • Features that can help maximize productivity and address challenging exam mixes and heavy workloads.


DXR 656 with clinician and patient.


Discovery XR656 combines advanced automation, clinical tools and intuitive interfaces to help remove the barriers that can inhibit workflow. GE’s advanced applications are designed to address your complex clinical needs and differentiate your facility.

Advanced automation features include:

Overhead Tube Suspension Touchscreen
With Discovery XR656, setup and changes are quickly and easily executed thanks to the convenient location of the user interface at the overhead tube suspension.

Auto Positioning/Auto Tracking
Discovery XR656 lets you automatically drive the overhead tube suspension, wallstand and/or table to preset positions to help increase productivity and ease of use.

Auto-Field of View (Optional)
Discovery XR656 helps you enhance productivity by linking protocol views with image sizing. You can customize views by setting the collimation sizes for all exams and automatically set the collimator blades for individual clinical view, minimizing the final adjustments before taking the exposure—reducing setup time.

Repeat/Reject Analysis (RRA) Software (Optional)

Discovery XR656 enables you to evaluate staff performance and quality assurance efforts by capturing exam performance.

Auto-Protocol Assist (Optional)
Through the RIS, protocals are automatically selected and initiated, allowing the technologist to spend more time with the patient.

Auto-Processing and Image Distribution
Discovery XR656 helps you achieve anatomy-based customization of images to match your clinical preferences. After initial QC, it automatically sends your images to the desired locations on your network.  



Advanced features include:

  • Wireless amorphous silicon non-tiled digital detector
  • High DQE providing excellent image quality and dose efficiency
  • Motorized ceiling mounted 5-axis tube suspension with manual override
  • Patient-side collimator and technique controls with touch screen digital display
  • Automated vertical and longitudinal tracking maintains SID and tube/detector alignment with the table receptor
  • Motorized tilting wall stand
  • Automated vertical tracking of the digital wall stand
  • Multi-resolution image processing capability
  • Tissue Equalization used to correct over-penetrated and under-penetrated areas within the image



The Discovery XR656 is a digital radiographic imaging system that provides excellent image quality and advanced clinical applications. 

The Discovery XR656 is designed to handle standard 2D exams and advanced radiographic applications using GE’s wireless flat-panel digital detector. Various system configurations are available to align to your department’s radiographic requirements.

All systems include: at least a single wireless detector, table and/or wall stand, systems cabinet, ceiling mounted tube support, acquisition review workstation, image processing, short-term storage, and quick in-room viewing of images. 


FlashPad Wireless Digital Detector

Design that matches the rigors of an x-ray environment and the way you work

  • Square shape allows for maneuvering in any direction—behind and beside your patient—for ease of positioning and patient comfort.
  • Two handles offer a secure grip to help prevent droppage and ease user fatigue.
  • Single-panel, non-tiled construction helps eliminate blind zones.
  • Fluid resistance, patented cushioning system, and carbon graphite materials help ensure durability, minimizing breakage and replacement needs.
  • Large active imaging area means 8 percent additional coverage over 14x17 inch designs.
  • Durable design can accomodate up to 352 lbs. of distributed weight.

Shareability and versatility that maximize your investment

  • Easy shareability means FlashPad can be used across compatible GE radiography systems.
  • Built-in advanced application capabilities help ensure that your growing radiology needs can be met down the road. FlashPad comes equipped to support VolumeRAD*, Dual Energy Subtraction, and Auto Image Paste — making it an investment in the future. (Advanced applications available on the Discovery XR656).

Seamless connectivity for fast, reliable, and secure data transfer

  • Short-range, Ultra-Wideband technology coexists with your hospital’s information network so that real-time data is transmitted where and when you need it.
  • Connectivity protocol complies to FCC wireless standards.
  • Dedicated channel is equipped to handle large file sizes.

Advanced Applications

Advanced Applications

Our advanced clinical applications provide access to areas of uncertainities, helping you uncover information previously hidden within conventional 2D radiographic imaging.


  • Provides multiple images of the anatomy in a single sweep at a low dose, including chest, abdomen, extremities and spine.
  • Virtually remove overlying structures, enabling better visualization of the anatomy from front to back. 
  • Reconstruction of data displays a set of images parallel to the detector panel; enabling you to display coronal images of interest.
  • Go to Podcasts Tab to view clinical cases.

Dual Energy Subtraction

  • Acquire multiple images within milliseconds at different energy levels.
  • Process and view the image as a standard radiographic image, an image with bones “subtracted,” and an image of just the bones to highlight foreign objects or calcified structures.
  • Go to Podcasts Tab to view clinical cases.

Auto Image Paste

  • Acquire multiple images in one fast, seamless, highly automated exam.
  • Receive automatic stitching of the acquired images in a single composite image.
  • Perform these exams at either the wallstand or the table.


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