The Evolution Toolkit for nuclear medicine helps improve workflow with extended applications. The Toolkit offers tools to improve resolution and reduce noise of various studies, so you can enhance visual clarity. You can also retrospectively assess the impact of time or dose reduction in order to help optimize user protocols. And when considering the impact of time or injected dose, you can also simulate various levels of count densities to see the effect on image quality.

Evolution Technology


Evolution Toolkit incorporates advanced technology to help you:

  • Improve workflow with extended applications
  • Assess the impact of time or injected dose reduction to optimize user protocols
  • Improve resolution, reduce noise 
  • Simulate count densities to test impact of time or injected dose on image quality


Evolution Toolkit features include:

  • An iterative image reconstruction algorithm replaces traditional filtered back projection
  • 3D models of GE collimators provide accurate collimator-detector response functions for a variety of clinical applications
  • Statistical resampling tool to simulate various reduced count densities