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Infografico DR-F


Excellent Images 

  • Its non-tiled detector with high-quality scintillator takes full advantage of the signal while reducing dose. 
  • Tissue Equalisation software lets you see more information in high- and low-density areas. 
  • Automatic Exposure Control consistently delivers optimum image quality. 
  • Reduce dose up to 30% versus CR technology.    

Efficient Workflow 

  • Improve your throughput with faster digital image acquisition. 
  • Minimise staff training with an intuitive, operator-friendly console. 
  • Minimise retakes and call-backs with 10-second Image preview. 
  • Eliminate storing, handling and processing film and chemicals.     

Ergonomics and Patient Comfort 

  • Save time with automated movement and column/detector alignment. 
  • Easily perform all types of exams, including patients on stretchers or in wheelchairs. 
  • Sustain weights up to 160 kg    


  • Proven design is based on the GE XR6000 digital X-ray system   
  • Rugged, high-strength components ensure long life and reliable performance 
  • Backed by a network of more than 750 Field Service Engineers throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa 
  • World-class parts delivery    

Easy Installation 

  • Free-standing floor-mount design minimizes room preparation. 
  • Install in as quick as one or two days. 
  • Its compact footprint allows for flexible locationing.     

Cost Savings 

  • It's 30% more affordable than previous digital systems.  
  • One Brivo DR-F room can replace two GE analog X-ray rooms. 
  • Digital technology eliminates the cost of purchasing and storing cassettes, trays, film and chemistry.    


  • Reduce energy consumption by over 3,900 kWh (more than 70%) per year, while maintaining imaging volume, by replacing two GE analog X-Ray rooms and processor with one GE digital Brivo DR-F X-Ray room.


Diagnostic Power 

  • The GE-patented non-tiled, amorphous, silicon flat-panel detector delivers good DQE to take full advantage of signal while reducing dose.     

Workflow Efficiency 

  • The column automatically tracks with the detector. 
  • Enjoy easy setup and patient access as its tube stand rotates 180 degrees, and tube head rotates 360 degrees. 
  • All exposure and dose parameters display directly on the monitor and are sent automatically to the HIS/RIS under DICOM standards. 
  • Reduce errors. Enter data once, and the system interface sends it electronically to appropriate locations.   

Ergonomics and Patient Comfort 

  • Optimise patient comfort with 85-cm-wide table. 
  • Four-way floating table enables fast, accurate positioning, and easily handles patients up to 185 kg.    


  • InSite* service connects your system to GE online engineers for fast diagnostics and online repair – within five minutes on urgent issues. 
  • Forty percent of issues can be resolved remotely within an hour.


Tissue Equalisation 

  • Improve visibility in over- and under-penetrated regions without compromising contrast in other areas. 
  • Better distinguish between pathologies in bone and soft tissue. 
  • Get more diagnostic information in a single shot, reducing retakes and increasing throughput.




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