High-acuity transport monitoring

The Transport Pro® transport monitor helps provide uninterrupted high acuity monitoring so you can stay aware of the patient’s condition – even during transport. As part of the Solar® patient monitoring system, Transport Pro can be coupled with a CARESCAPE™ Patient Data Module to allow you to move patients throughout the hospital without losing a moment of critical monitoring information.


The Transport Pro monitor helps simplify and speed the transfer process and, when used with the CARESCAPE Patient Data Module, helps eliminate data gaps and ECG template resets that typically occur while moving from bedside to transport monitor. Its Li-Ion battery technology provides up to a four-hour run time and can be exchanged while in use for continuous monitoring without data loss. 

The Transport Pro has a multi-colored alarm light; alarm volume can be lowered to allow for quieter transports so neonates or sleeping patients are not disturbed.


Rugged: built to withstand the rigors of frequent location changes, Transport Pro has been drop-tested for reliability

Versatile: the optional bed rail hook and pole mount allow the monitor to be visible and secure at all times


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