Innova IGS 540 product

IGS para Radiologia Intervencionista

See. Your way. Clearly. Innova* Image Guided Systems (IGS) have been designed with GE's latest technologies and advanced applications to help you expand your clinical capabilities as your service line evolves.


Clinical Tools

Helping you Plan, Guide and Assess your Interventions

GE's comprehensive suite of advanced visualization tools for Interventional Radiology (IR) helps you better see where you're going and streamlines your process by making it simple and intuitive. With it, you can:

  • Perform interventions with more information and confidence.
  • Work with excellent efficiency and speed.
  • Bring new levels of performance to your IR procedures.

Easy to use clinical applications from GE Healthcare include:

  • 3D rotational imaging on Innova IGS
  • Advantage Workstation* (AW) VolumeShare

To learn more about how you can benefit from the features offered by Innova click to view any of the videos below.

Kenneth Chin M.D. discusses using Innova technology to treat an abdominal aortogram and bilateral lower extremity runoff study. Prashant Patel M.D. discusses using Innova technology to perform an arteriogram embolization and cystography.
Bob Reinhart M.D. discusses using Innova technology to perform a bronchial embolization. Kenneth Chin M.D. discusses using Innova technology for central venous access and hemodialysis fistula management.


Trim Your Workflow

Tableside Controls: Simple. Centralized. Automated.

Control your system and images with Innova’s integrated, intuitive tableside controls. GE’s exclusive Send Angle feature automatically sends the gantry to the correct position helping to save time.

Facilitating 3D Guidance and Real-time 3D Navigation

A true multimodality workstation, AW makes it easy to plan, guide and assess treatments on the Innova. Designed to enhance IR workflow and capabilities, it lets you:

  • Compare multiple 3D acquisitions from other modalities, including CT, MR and PET, with full processing and control right at the tableside
  • Simultaneously display a multi-volume load of several Innova 3D and Innova CT images, or compare Innova CT images to multimodality images
  • Register 3D volumes from multiple modalities to increase the information available in real time during interventions

All in one Large Display Monitor

Increase size with zooming ability on the Large Display Monitor, which offers:

  • Display multiple images from multiple sources
  • Zoom in without loss of detail or pixilation
  • 120 customized layouts easily changeable at tableside

Clinical Images


Plan uterine fibroid embolization (UFE) with Integrated Registration Plan your below the knee procedure with InnovaBreeze*


Guide uterine fibroid embolization (UFE) with Innova Vision Guide your below the knee procedure with fluoroscopy


Assess uterine fibroid embolization (UFE) using pre- and post-op DSA Assess your below the knee procedure with Innova Breeze


The AssurePoint* family of service offerings is designed to help you:

  • Optimize equipment availability
  • Maintain clinical excellence
  • Improve productivity
  • Manage risks
  • Meet budget realities

You'll find value with Assure-Point services because:

We proactively monitor your system across hundreds of parameters with InSite* OnWatch. We can identify and resolve service events before more serious problems emerge. This can help:

  • Reduce patient inconvenience
  • Your staff to stay on schedule
  • Protect your imaging revenue

We respond to service issues quickly

You'll receive a fast, local response from our large service force deployed strategically to help you maintain high uptime and equipment availability

We help you manage dose utilization. With Innova Dose Reports, you can:

  • Easily monitor and manage a system's dose utilization
  • Quickly spot and correct undesirable trends
  • Utilize dose more efficiently and responsibly
  • Respond to reporting requirements with ease

To learn more about how we're adding value with AssurePoint Services, visit the service section of our web site.


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