The Innova* IGS 620 Biplane system is designed to deliver exceptional benefits in cardiovascular use.

From its advanced clinical applications to its automated user interface, the Innova IGS 620 gives you tools that help enable speed and accuracy, to let you focus on your patient and the procedure. The result: exceptional imaging and enhanced confidence for your clinical challenges.

Innova IGS 620 provides a detector size fitting the needs of cardiac and peripheral vessel interventions, and excellent image quality with optimized dose utilization. Features include variable frame rate biplane dynamic imaging, AngioViz for a new vision of vascular flow with DSA, advanced 3D and CT imaging with quantification, gantry navigation and 3D guidance and roadmapping. Innova IGS 620 supports intervention from planning through navigation to assessment.


With the Innova* IGS 620 Biplane system you can:

  • See the detail and contrast you need for procedure planning, real-time guidance and navigation, and assessment.
  • Help minimize patient and operator exposure with efficiency dose for a broad range of applications while maintaining image quality.
  • Benefit from exceptional GE reliability, remote connectivity, capability for proactive system log analysis, and fluoroscopic Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) backup.
  • Stay patient-focused thanks to the innovative gantry design and a highly automated user-friendly interface.
    • The unique offset C-arm frontal gantry provides optimal anesthesia and general patient access from any direction.
    • Innova provides 42” coverage to isocenter, for coverage from the insertion site to the head without disruptive L-arm rotation.
    • Intuitive patient controls at tableside with automated protocols optimize procedure workflow.
    • Storage and recall of complex biplane gantry positions to speed procedures.
    • Effective integration of a variety of external devices by interventional segment.
    • A full range of advanced imaging and processing capabilities to enhance use of the system.


DoseSense provides the clinical image quality you need to help make confident decisions during interventional procedures, while helping you reduce radiation exposure to both you and your patients.

DoseSense is built on three key technology pillars:

  • Dose efficiency technology
  • Dose management tools
  • Dose reduction feature

Working together, the three pillars help to deliver:    

  • Exceptional Imaging Dose Efficiency1
  • Automated dose-management tools that improve exposure control, personalize dose, and generate dose reports

1. In clinical use, the results of the application of dose reduction techniques will vary depending on the clinical task, patient size, anatomical location and clinical practice.The Interventional radiologist, assisted by a physicist as necessary has to determine the appropriate settings for each specific clinical task.

Image Quality

Exceptional Dose Efficiency Without Compromising Image Quality

Detector Design

Built to our stringent quality standards, under our full manufacturing control, the Innova detector is the only digital flat panel detector that is developed, produced, and integrated by one company. Its reliability is remarkable. Its image quality, dose efficiency, and clinical utility – exceptional.

Wide Dynamic Range

The detector is able to translate a wide range of X-ray exposure intensities into digital signals without saturation. Proprietary Dynamic Range Management image processing is used to transform this wide range of information for display without loss of detail over anatomical densities.

Get the clinical image quality you need to help make confident decisions during interventional procedures with dose efficiency designed to benefit both you and your patients.

Tools and Strategies for Optimal Image Quality and Dose Efficiency

  • Pre-set protocols customized by facility, procedures, and even specific physicians.
  • Dose and angulation personalization protocols.
  • Optimized detector position close to the patient.
  • Customized fluoroscopy settings for low radiation dose with high image quality.
  • Magnification without an increase in dose.
  • Specific packages to address dose/image quality per type of procedure.
  • Fast processing to view and manipulate high-quality imagery for efficient procedures and dose exposure times.
  • Built-in Image quality and dose reduction features:
    • Lower frame rates in fluoroscopy and Dynamic imaging
    • Stores last 450 fluoro images per image plane to avoid additional exposure (optional feature)
    • Track cumulative air kerma on monitor with real-time dosimetric information

Interventional Cardiology

Clinical Versatility Without Compromise

The Innova IGS 620 Biplane system, offers excellent interventional cardiac capability in addition to other interventional procedures. Compact 20 cm x 20 cm detectors with InnovaSense automatic frontal plane positioning provide fast cardiac positioning with the steep cardiac angles you need.

Size it. See it. Simple. Planning made easy.

Innova OneTouchQA Tableside QCA, and Stenosis Analysis – simplify lesion assessment with easy, one-button activation. Combined with GE’s excellent image quality and integrated Innova IVUS, the Innova IGS 620 gives physicians a valuable planning toolkit for PCI procedures.

  • InnovaSpin* for multiple coronary views from a single injection.
  • Dynamic SP and synchronized biplane cine at up to 25 fps in biplane mode.
  • Innova 3D provides high-contrast, high-resolution 3D views. 

Get where you need to be.  Innova real-time guidance

  • Innova with GPS Navigation uses multimodality 3D images  for gantry steering.
  • Innova HeartVision fuses 2D fluoroscopy with 3D anatomy in real time from CT, MR, or X-ray datasets, enhancing device localization and guidance.  Innova HeartVision also provides enhanced registration with ECG gated display and image stabilization, reducing motion artifact.

Access your Success

  • Innova with Stent Technologies - StentViz advanced visualization of stents from dynamic imaging provides the tools for successful placement.


Empowering Critical Thinking 

The Innova* IGS 620 EP Biplane system offers a comprehensive suite of EP functionality customized for wide range of electrophysiology procedures. Our advanced applications and integrated workflow empower EP physicians with capabilities that help streamline procedural workflow and enhance their ability to perform complex procedures with confidence keeping the focus on the patient, not the technology. 

 Robust set of dedicated EP clinical applications. 

  • Innova 3D Cardiac enables physicians to quickly acquire and reconstruct a 3D model of the left atrium for ease in navigation during procedures. These models can now be exported to all major 3D mapping systems. 
  • The new Innova CTHD protocol with detectors producing 3D images of the entire cardiac outline, combined with multimodality 3D images of the heart and integration of EP navigation and mapping provides the information needed to help plan access for the most challenging interventions.
  • Innova* EPVision is an advanced application that dynamically fuses 2D X-ray images and 3D models from rotational angiography, MR or CT. Due to excellent image quality and motion compensation algorithms, Innova EPVision can help you confidently localize and guide guidewires, ablation catheters and other devices during interventional procedures. 

Proven dose efficiency.  Excellent image quality.

  • Innova* IGS systems deliver excellent fluoroscopy images designed to limit-radiation exposure to you and your patients. Dedicated EP DoseSense protocols offer default parameters optimized for EP procedures including low dose fluoroscopy at 7.5 fps. To further enhance workflow and ease of use, EP DoseSense protocols are integrated and can be controlled from the Innova Central touchscreen at tableside.


Innova Vision: Perform Interventions with Confidence

Innova* Vision dynamically overlays, in real time, 2D X-ray images with 3D models from multiple modalities [subtracted or non-subtracted rotational angiography (X-ray), computed tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance (MR) images] to create a fused roadmapping display. This advanced application helps you with localization and guidance of catheters, coils, and other devices during interventional procedures.

  • Perform interventions with confidence by providing excellent image quality and additional 3D information fused with fluoroscopic images.
    • Plan interventions with Innova 3D, CT or MR information.
    • Guide procedures with Innova Vision.
    • Assess the success of the intervention with Innova 3D or Innova CT.

Innova Vision provides 3D roadmapping capabilities based on:

  • Outstanding 3D visualization (including Backview display) while fusing 3D model with fluoroscopy.
  • Uncompromised registration performance of the 3D overlay on the 2D fluoroscopy throughout the whole procedure.
  • Fused images to follow C-arm and table motion.
  • True multi-modality 3D guidance (rotational angiography, CT, MR 3D models).
  • Integrating the power of the AW for Interventional procedures.
  • Solution fully integrated in the workflow and directly controlled at tableside.
  • Integrating the power of the AW for interventional to better plan the procedure.
  • Solution fully integrated in the workflow and directly controlled at tableside.




Clinical Applications