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Built on the Innova legacy of reliability with excellent  image quality and does efficiency, the Innova* 2100-IQ(Optima* Edition) is a cost effective interventional X-ray system. Enjoy excellent image quality, extensive real-time processing, innovative dose management, and ease of positioning to help improve workflow and image management. It’s a fully integrated system that offers excellent clinical versatility without compromise. 


Innova 2100-IQ(Optima Edition) can help you:

  • See more detail, more clearly. The 20cm x 20cm Digital Flat Panel Detector provides crisper images, a larger detector area, and customizable image processing algorithms for maximum image utility.
  • Improve workflow with intuitive tableside controls and flexible 3-axis floor-mounted gantry.
  • Maximize your investment with a lower cost of ownership and the versatility to tackle a full range of procedures.
  • Enjoy peace of mind with remote connectivity and an optional Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) backup and more.


Interventional Cardiology

GE's Flat Panel Detector

  • One of the industry’s most trusted digital detectors, proven in more than 7,000 installations worldwide.
  • See exquisite detail, from fine vessels to the skin surface of the extremities.
  • Obtain excellent images at any angle–even through abdomens.

High DQE

  • Provides excellent image quality even at low doses .

High-Performance Imaging

  • Excellent performance in both fluoroscopy and record modes.
  • Wide dynamic range, 14-bit acquisition, and patented image processing.
  • Excellent visualization of low-contrast objects.

Powerful X-ray Tube

  • 3.7 MHU X-ray tube—the highest capacity available.
  • Three-focal-spot tube for fast procedures.
  • 100-kW high-frequency three-phase generator for grid-pulsed fluoroscopy.
  • Designed to minimize overheating and X-ray shutdown problems.


Empowering Critical Thinking

GE Healthcare’s family of high performance, dose efficient interventional X-ray systems offer a comprehensive suite of EP functionality empowering EP physicians with capabilities designed to enhance your ability to perform the most complex procedures with confidence.