Compact, self-shielded, affordable cyclotron

The PETtrace 700 Series positron-emitting isotope production system is fully automated and easy to operate so you can efficiently produce commonly used PET isotopes and tracers. The cyclotron has the capacity to help you meet local distribution demands for clinical procedures and research. You’ll also experience minimal radiation exposure because the PETtrace 700 Series has a vertical cyclotron mid-plane design and quick-release components.


Easy isotope and tracer production The PETtrace 700 Series production system is designed to help you be efficient and productive. The cyclotron offers you:

  • Efficient beam extraction
  • Minimal floor requirements
  • Easy installation
  • Automated production sequence
  • Easy operation
  • High reliability
  • Low radiation dose exposure
  • Variable configurations for target systems and chemistry modules
  • Complete software package
  • Full upgrade potential
  • Assistance in site planning



The PETtrace 700 Series production system offers the following features:

  • 18F-fluoride production
  • Proton acceleration capability up to 9.6 MeV
  • >99.9% beam extraction
  • Two resonators, RF Power Generator
  • Vertically oriented magnet design
  • Self-diagnostics and embedded control technique
  • High-grade radiation self-shielding
  • Fully automated sequence
  • Hollow-core, water-cooled copper conductor magnet coils
  • Fixed-position, internally mounted ion source



PETtrace 700S 18F- performance

Chemical form Yield (EOB) Irradiation time 18F-Fluoride  60 min 18F-Fluoride 2500 mCi / 92.5 GBq 120 min         

Chemical form Yield (EOB) Irradiation time
18F-Fluoride 1500 mCi / 55.5 GBq 60 min
 18F-Fluoride  2500 mCi / 92.5 GBq  120 min

System dimensions

Cyclotron including self-shield 

Length 2100 mm (83 in) 

Width 3600 mm (142 in) 

Height 2100 mm (83 in) 

Weight 50 350 kg (111 000 lbs)