VUE Point FX diagram.

Increase Quantitative Accuracy

VUE Point FX incorporates greater contrast and activity delineation so you can achieve improved image quality.  The fully 3D iterative reconstruction technique has all corrections within the loop and adds timing information to each step. To help increase your productivity, VUE Point FX helps you maintain adequate temporal resolution across a range of operating conditions, and to capture sophisticated reconstruction images within exam duration.



Intelligent, Accurate Reconstruction

VUE Point FX adds timing resolution to VUE Point HD, helping you: 

  • Improve image quality by reducing background noise 
  • Increase quantitative accuracy, contrast and activity delineation 
  • Capture images with sophisticated reconstruction



VUE Point FX features include:

  • Timing information added to each step of iterative reconstruction
  • Model-based 3D scatter correction
  • Corrections within the loop
  • Enhanced resolution with detector geometry modeling
  • Distance along photons’ trajectory is converted into timing difference