Uniting clinical intelligence across the enterprise

The CARESCAPE™ CIC Pro clinical information center integrates real-time and historical data from multiple monitoring sources and presents it to caregivers in the context of their workflow. As a viewing station, the CARESCAPE CIC Pro presents real-time waveforms and vital information for any patient connected to the CARESCAPE Network. As a monitoring station, it also includes the ability to admit, discharge and manage patient alarms. The CARESCAPE CIC Pro is the cornerstone of Clinical Information Logistics™, enabling you to fluently collect, display and manage information so that critical patient data is available when and where you need it.

Flexible configurations for greater information fluency

With a flexible licensing structure, the CARESCAPE CIC Pro can be configured to help meet the specific workflow and decision-support needs of different types of care providers. Hospitals can establish comprehensive central stations, clinician review stations, mirror central stations or remote viewing stations to support their protocol for continued patient surveillance. Monitoring technicians can also oversee multiple patients in a centralized monitoring model, leveraging the power of the CARESCAPE CIC Pro across multiple care areas.

Clinical information access

CARESCAPE CIC Pro unites real-time, historical and IT data from multiple devices and systems in a single, centralized information hub – putting relevant clinical details front and center, so you can find the information you need quickly. For a comprehensive review of the patient’s condition, the CARESCAPE CIC Pro information center serves as a workstation that enables clinicians to see historical events, trends and full disclosure for patients connected to the network. The CARESCAPE CIC Pro can access hospital wide web-based applications which might include radiology, PACS and lab results via Citrix and web connectivity.


The CARESCAPE CIC Pro from GE Healthcare is a key component of GE’s vision for Clinical Information Logistics, the integration of monitoring solutions to unite the way people, devices and technology work together. The CARESCAPE CIC Pro is a flexible component of your monitoring solution that helps enhance quality decision-making and clinical productivity by providing a single reliable source of patient information when and where it is needed. With the CARESCAPE CIC Pro, you have access to clinical intelligence at virtually every touch point, enabling your providers and your hospital to enhance their performance levels.


The CARESCAPE CIC Pro provides continuous surveillance of patient conditions and clinical events. Clinicians can view real-time patient information for up to 16 patients in standard display format and up to 17 patients in “view other” patient format.Whether your hospital uses a centralized or decentralized surveillance model, the CARESCAPE CIC Pro serves as a single collection and distribution point for patient data gathered from bedside monitors, ApexPro® Telemetry systems and other compatible patient information systems.


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