Product Overview

The Aestiva MRI is an MRI-compatible anesthesia system with an integrated ventilator that’s an exceptional complement to your MRI suite. Whether your MRI unit is equipped with high field closed or lower field open magnets, up to 3T, for diagnostic or surgical capabilities, the Aestiva MRI can handle your cases.


These advanced features make the Aestiva* MRI system an exceptional complement to your MRI suite:

  • With integrated and proven 7900 SmartVent* ventilation, an exceptional tool for intraoperative MRI, it’s versatile enough to ventilate a broad range of patients.
  • The physically integrated Magnetic Field Strength Monitor (Gauss Alarm) warns you when the machine is moved too close to the MRI magnet (up to 3T).
  • The ergonomically designed handles make it easy to transport.
  • The Tec* 7 Vaporizer with Easy-fil* is designed to simplify agent filling while helping to minimize leaks.



At the heart of the Aestiva* MRI is the SmartVent* ventilator, which features:  

  • Pressure control mode that allows you to choose a target pressure and deliver tidal volume for the desired time and pressure selected - a mode previously reserved for ICU-type ventilators.
  • Volume control mode that helps provide consistent delivery of set tidal volumes by automatically adjusting for changes in fresh gas flows, small system leaks, changing lung compliance, or compression losses in the ventilator, absorber, and bellows.
  • SIMV and PSVPRo* modes help expand the capabilities of the Aestiva MRI system and help simplify the care for a broad range of patients. SIMV provides a set number of ventilator-delivered breaths per minute, allowing the patient to breathe spontaneously between the mandatory breaths.
  • PSVPro is designed to complement SIMV by assisting the patient's spontaneous breath. With PSVPro, the ventilator delivers a set pressure when the patient takes a breath; the patient, who must take a breath for the ventilator to provide support, controls the rate, volume, and timing of the breath.  




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